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How To Bind Books At Home

How to print color book at home.

I have a number of digital illustrations (colored) that I want to print and collect into a book, a small format book, I know how to bind, but the problem is that I need only 2 or 3 copies of that, a book publisher will require a minimum of one thousand copies to do the job, and web services like, are too…

Microsoft Publisher will fix you right up. I use it all the time.

how to publish a book completely at home.

I wrote a couple of novels and I would like to see if there is a way to realistically do all the publishing work im my home. I have questions then about software and such. I want the finished product to look professional but I don’t know if that’s even possible doing it myself.

binding would be the only real difficulty but I’m sure you could print out the pages put them together and then get them bound Toddlers books online

Where can one get pre-printed paper for binding a book.

I am learning how to bind books at home, mostly on raised cords, and I want to know if there is a place where I can purchase pre-printed signatures for different books. If possible, I would really like a King James Bible to bind. So, does a place like this exist?

I believe it may be of help to contact your hometown library. They may beable to help you. They usually have someone bind old books for them andthey sometimes have book sales on old books to raise money forthe library itself…, of which you could probably purchase for very little and practice on.Hope this is of some help.

How can I make a stapleless book at home.

I want it to look as much like a published book as possible but I can only make it at home with materials I pick up from the art store? What materials do I need and how do I make the book? This is for a project at school.

If you have a good sewing machine you can do what I did. This method is close to that used in printing house for binding books and is known as case binding. You will need a sewing machine, thread, glue, paper, card, some wood and a vice (for applying pressure during gluing.)1) Grab a good sized stack of paper sheets, either in the size that you want the book or double the size that you want the book. If you use double sized sheets you will have to fold them in half.2) Separate the sheets into smaller lots of sheets, about 10 sheets to a lot (or 5 sheets folded in half, one on top of the other).3) Draw a line about 1.5cm in from the edge of the left hand side of the paper (if you have folded sheets, the fold must be on the left hand side). Do this for each little lot of sheets.4) Make sure your pages are all in line and straight. Using the sewing machine, slowly sew down the line that you’ve drawn. Make it as straight as possible.5) When you’ve sewn all each of the little lots of paper put PVA glue along the sewn line, near the edge.6) Glue each sewn lot of paper together on the left hand side (where you’ve sewn and put the glue). Make sure the stack of sewn paper lots is as straight as possible.7) Get two flat, clean pieces of wood and sandwich the paper in between them and hold them in a vice whilst they dry.8) When the glue is dry, take the paper out of the vice but be careful with it.9) Using some strips of paper or thin card glue small “braces” (or headbands) around what is now the spine of your book. Make them neat and try not to make them too long our they will come across the front and back pages.10) This is the tricky part. Put glue along the spine but don’t get too much on your front and back pages. Just put glue up to the edge of your “braces” (or headbands) pieces.11) Get a thick piece of card (not too thick) of the right size for your book and fold this piece of card around the book, to make the cover. You may need to hold it in place whilst the glue dries or, as before, hold it in a vice.12) Once the glue dries you can carefully open the book. Hopefully none of the pages will have stuck together and it won’t fall apart. If you need to you can use a craft knife to trim pages and the cover.Enjoy your book! It can be a bit frustrating to make a book this way (and I probably haven’t explained it all that well) but the book you will make should last a while.

Binding Books.

Does anyone know of a good website teaching how to bind books in leather? I have a whole bunch of books I’d like to have leather-bound and think it will be too expensive to take all of them to a professional book binder. It can’t be too hard, can it?

I’m afraid bookbinding is not really a craft that can be satisfactorily taught in the way you envisage. Even if such a website existed and you decided to go it alone, you would need to purchase quite expensive materials and tools.You will need a scalpel handle with individual specialist blades, a microspatula, a pin tool, spring divider and various sizes in glue brushes. You will also need bone folders, bookbinder’s awl, special ink, paper, thread, binder’s board and adhesives, and we haven’t even mentioned the variable cost of leather.In actual fact you need a craft instructor to be hands-on and demonstrating. When you finally get to undertake your own practical go at bookbinding it would be advantageous to have an expert at your elbow so that you can ask questions and have them answered there and then.May I suggest that instead of having your books professionally bound, you join an evening class and learn the art. You are halfway there by thinking of attempting to go it alone at home. That way, you are professionally adept at the end of the course.

How to bind a book at home using strings or ribbons or home stuff tell me how.

ok i printed a a book my friend scand for me and sent it to me in pdf form. now i want to somehow bind it and make it look nice i will do a cover an all so i jut need to know how to bind it using stings and ribbons its 100 A4 pages and i dont have a paper punch unfortunately 🙁

PDF has access to a plethora of printing options. You can actually print in book format with both sides of the pages printed, or every other page or…but anyway, the point is you can do a lot with a PDF. What comes to mind is half of a standard 8.5×11 bound with string, a hard cover from a donor book aquired at a used book store, and some E-5000 glue. The glue dries clear and remains somewhat flexible but it is very strong. Hope this spurs some ideas….

How to print a color book at home.

never mind the binding, I just want to print the pages.Is there a cheaper/easier way than using a colorjet printer?, Is there like a vintage or hand-made printing method to be done at home (or with a professional who will print just one or 2 copies)

What exactly do you want to print out because the question subject sounds as if you want to print coloring book pages but on the other hand you seem to be saying you want to print out book pages in color? First of all is it a specific book? Secondly there are old copiers that roll the ink on (popular for school test papers to be copied back in the day) but I’m not sure how expensive that would be. Depending on how many pages you have it might not be too expensive at Fed/Ex Kinkos.

how do you bind a paper book at home.

Why dont you go to or the DIY network on the web they boht have this kind of thing on some of the shows they have on and you can read alla bout it

I need to know how to print and bind a book at home..

I want a website to tell me how to print and bind my own novel at home without fancy materials, machines or tools. I’ve written a novel but I don’t think Ill publish it its just for the family for now and i just want to make a couple of copies but I dont know how to set it up to print front and back on half…

You can buy black ink for your printer cartrige (ink jet) and just print the pages out on that. Go to your local quick print place and get the latest kind of binding done by them… it’s not expensive if you print the pages yourself.Or go to an office supply place for ring binder equipment… people even sell ring bound books on Amazon… so it’s done rather commonly.If you want to get fancy, do some artwork and have it copied on a color printer (for your cover)Have fun and go ahead and list it on Amazon. If you have a great title you might sell a number of copies that will cover your expenses… and who knows… a publisher might see your work and want to give you a real contract.

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  1. cut your paper pages double the size you want, then fold them in half, and stack them, measure how far apart you want your holes. then pierce with an ice pick at each hole spot, then make your cardboard covers, cover that with nice paper or fabric, then pierce that with holes to match, then use a large darning needle and carpet thread, and sew through the holes pulling tight, then sew back up the binding to make it secure, and tie off, either with a tiny knot and glue it, clip off the ends. or tie the ends in a bow and leave it there, or tie in a square knot and then sew a tassle on the end of each tail of the knot. you have to make sure you pull the heavy carpet thread tight at each stitch to make sure it stays in place.

  2. Here is an idea. Go to They have produced many books for me and do an excellent job for a reasonable price. Their mininum is 25 books. Maybe they can help you.

  3. Bookbinding is taught at (not .com). Our daughter used their tutorial and her very first effort was pretty good, the second one really nice.

  4. you could do the long hard way put all the pages together and cover the left side with glue a lot of glue then after 24 hours tape a paper bag on the front side you glues and the bag and have a paperback book –

  5. It’s a small bit expensive, but I would say worth it. (Are they all heirloom books? If not, you could consider having some of them bound in the regular, cheaper canvas.) I worked at a book bindery last summer sewing and gluing books, and much of the sewing is done on specialized machines. It would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to do by hand. When rebinding a book, we would generally also trim page edges to whiten them; this trimming needs to be done on large equipment with the capability to make careful measurements and keep pages the same size.

  6. you can buy a report cover -bookbinding is not done with a paper punch. its done with a tiny drill to make the holes for the string. Its much more complicated than I can explain here. Try looking for a Utube video on bookbinding, and watch how its done, then do it. it’s not hard, just too intricate a process to describe thoroughly here.

  7. depends how thick it is –

  8. Some binderies are small affairs that would very much appreciate your business, so I encourage you to check into it.

  9. This method works only for very short books which can handle individual pages folded in half before binding. Ordinarily, book pages are “booked” (that’s where the name comes from), a bunch of pages stitched together and folded in half at the line of stitching, and all the books (sets of stitched pages) bound together and glued to the binding’s spine. So what’s on the other half of the sheet of page 1 might be page 16 or 20, and on the back of it, page 2 and 17 or 21.Don’t overlook someplace like Kinko’s doing a binding on full-size pages.

  10. Well you can bind the book together with glue but that isn’t the best of all ideas. get paper and put cardboard around it as the binding and glue the spine to the papers. But before you do that, make sure the papers are folded in half, then sew through the halves of all the papers. This way the papers are all together in one piece so then you can glue the cardboard on. If you want to make the cover colorful, get felt of something and bind it around the cardboard like a book cover. Then on the inside edges line it with another color that goes along with the first.

  11. Home printers don’t print on both sides. You’ll have to print on one side of the page and then take that paper out and put it through again facing the other way. And you’ll need thicker paper than usual if you want to print of both sides because the ink will show through a little bit.

  12. I would suggest using to publish some books. Its free to upload and create the book, then you order as many as you want.

  13. Its understandeable you would be angry. A marraige is a partnership…therefore husband and wife need to touch base abotu everything because its not just about the one person its two lives. Sometimes people forget things and they make mistakes. Jsut calm down, talk to him calmly come up with a schedule if you dont already have one, or a system in case this happens again where he wants to help someone. Let him know you udnerstand where he was coming from but next time all you want is a heads up. Dont let this get in the way too much though, everyone makes mistakes. These things take patience, dont hold a grudge forever… Best of Luck

  14. Otherwise, I would suggest going to a craft store and see if they have the materials you’ll need.

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  17. you could punch holes in the left side and use string or bag ties-I have a link for this on my other computer, which is currently having a nervous breakdown lol. When I get it running again, I will be happy to email it to you. I made a book with my daughter using this pattern and she loves it. It is simple and easy and looks halfway decent.

  18. If I were you I would just spend a few bucks to have Kinko’s bind the book. It will be fast and inexpensive and it will look good too. Check out their binding options, they have a few:

  19. bookbinding is not done with a paper punch. its done with a tiny drill to make the holes for the string. Its much more complicated than I can explain here. Try looking for a Utube video on bookbinding, and watch how its done, then do it. it’s not hard, just too intricate a process to describe thoroughly here.

  20. Printing two-sided is heavily printer dependent. On mine, I change from portrait layout to landscape, setting columns, creating enough white space for binding, then print a page (let’s say page 1 and 2). I remove it and turn it over, then print 3 and 4 on the back.

  21. Just take a book apart. It’ll already have the pages folded and the holes punched, but you can always do a book with blank pages if you need to practice those steps.

  22. Paper Source has bookbinding supplies, kits and excellent instructions.

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