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How To Care For Old Books

How to care for my 6 year old Juniper Bonsai.

I just bought a 6 year old Juniper Bonsai tree. I know how to water it and when to water it. I also know that I should feed fertilizer every 2-3 months. I just want to know how to trim and prune it. And I want to know any additional details for it. Also just for fun I also want to think of names for it. And you can…

Research before purchase.I suggest reading these sites. You may also want to purchase a few books on the subject. I’ve been working with Bonsai’s and miniature trees for many years and it is not something you learn overnight. I’m still learning.;_ylt=Arh2…

Who knows how to Care for a baby goat.

I am actually A 11 year old kid (human) who wants to adopt a kid (goat) and I kinda need to know how to care for a baby goat

Okay, here goes….if you have a lot of acres, you’ve got it made. Now, you need VERY sturdy goat fencing, or your little goat will get out. They climb, go under, go through. They are one of nature’s best escape artists. So, a really good, strong fence is a must.Second, make sure your goat has no horns. They love to stick their heads through the fence (unless you have goat fencing) and they get their horns stuck ALOT!! If you don’t find them in time, they could break their necks or die from the heat. Then you have to cut the fence to get them out.Third, they need hay in winter and a good feed with molasses in it. Their feet need taken care of at least every three months. If you don’t know how to clip their feet, you need to call a ferrier….this will cost you about $25 – $30 each time you do it.Other than taht, they need lots of attention if kept alone (without other goats) and you need to make sure they are given medicine for worms, lice and flies on a regular basis.They are very loving animals, but they do take lots of care. Get mom and dad to buy you some books on raising goats and you have a very good start.Good luck.

Children s books for free

How do I take care of an old book.

I have this really old (1850ish) german bible. Its small and the corners are worn, the ink inside are becoming faded. How should I care for it? Before I was just keeping it out of sunlight and in a ziplock bag, no stacking on top of it. Any ideas? Can you buy something to keep it in? And also, for the sake of pure…

This is not an answer by any means, because I seriously haven’t a clue.Which is very sad considering how big of a book lover I am..My family has a german atlas from the 1800’s. We just keep it very high up that no harm can come to it, and dust it.I love to look at old books, I think they’re amazing. I love seeing how much books have changed in the years.I just wanted to say that that’s really great of you to want to care for it. 🙂 Not many people would be so kind to books.I hope that there are others with greater answers than mine.And sorry for wasting an answering space.G’day! :]

how to properly care for a puppy.

i just got a 3 month old puppy and i’m not sure on how to take care of one. should i still buy it puppy food or is regular food okay? anything else i should know about? like proper hygiene? i’m new at this, so any advices would be great! thank you!

Buy a book about caring for puppies. Yes, buy puppy food, good high quality food. And do not switch food without mixing some of the old with some of the new. you know start out with a little new a lot old. then gradually add more new and less old until your using only the new. Take a week or so with this process. Puppies should be on puppy food til around 9 months to 1 year old.You really need to get that book. You can find a lot of good books/manuals on just about any subject at a good bookstore or on line. Invest in a good puppy training manual also and use it like its the most important book you have ever bought.

How Old do u need to be for a face book.

ok i am 11 but old for my age and my whole family has a face book how old do i need to be

um you can be however old you want. all you have to do is lie about your age and say your 13 which i believe is the required age for facebook, and then just go with it. nobody really cares about ages anymore, especially on websites…..

How to care for a 6-year-old boy with a broken leg. Please answer….

My 6-year-old boy broke his leg in a bad bicycle fall and got a full leg cast on friday, but this weekend have been really bad, we haven’t slept and my boy have been uncomfortable and in pain, we want to entertain him, keep his mind off the injury and provide the best car while his leg heals, but we need help…

You can give him Tylenol for the pain. It may not complete remove all of it, but it will dull it down, so your boy is more comfortable.It is difficult to care for a child that is immobile, as kids do prefer to move around and be active. Are there any colouring books that could keep him occupied for a bit? Can he have some friends over to watch a DVD or movie together?Don’t be afraid to give him some Benadryl at night, to sedate your boy a little so he sleeps. The body heals best when it is at rest. Feed him up on extra calcium, as his body will need that whilst repairing the broken bone. Try yoghurt, cheese, icecream and milkshakes.

How do I care for a box turtle.

My 3 yr old son got a turtle and not sure how to care for it. Where can I find some info about this turtle and how to care for it.

Do an internet search or go to your library for booksTo save you some time here are some tipsBox turtles are omnivores so they need meat and plants, they LOVE watermellon, tomatoes, slugs, and earth worms. In my experiance these are thier favorent foods (the worms and slugs need to be live for them to be interested) they will eat whenever there is food, so just give them some every day, if you miss a day or two don’t worry they can go for several months without eating (but it is not advisable that you try not feeding him for that much time). He needs a source of water large enough that they can get into it from time to time (just be shure it is not too deep ot they might drown, most of them don’t swim very well, but occasionally you find one that does), He will also need some dirt to dig in. If he is outside then he douse not need a source of light, if he is inside then he will need a heat lamp, he will also need a hallow log or something he can get into to hide, also they love tall gress so if you can get some to grow in the cage that would be great.Enjoy your turtle

Best Kitten Care book.

I’m looking for the best book on kitten care. I have 2 5 week old kittens and I’d like to read up on how to care for them.

I would recommend a variety from your local library. There’s no one best kitten care book, none of them cover everything. Just get out as many as possible. 🙂

How to care for antique books.

I have a few antique and vintage books and was wondering how to keep them preserved. I have read that it is best to store them in archive dust jackets but where would I get those? And is it okay if they are stored in a wooden book shelf standing up? If they begin to smell oddly, do I do something with them? I heard…

the best way to store old books is to keep them dry.

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36 thoughts on “How To Care For Old Books

  1. The nice folks at Contact Editions in Toronto can be looked up online and they can help you find out more about your book and its possible value.

  2. Plain old regular dog food is okay. I suggest soaking it in warm water. Dogs should be groomed every 4-6 weeks depending on coat type. Brushing at LEAST once a week is highly recommended.

  3. You should Walk your dog at least twice a day. I

  4. Puppy food for sure.

  5. here are the best puppy foods *scroll down for ingredients:Feed your puppy a holistic grain free puppy formula food until 12 months of age. NO commercial grocery store type of food-very unhealthy & loaded with chemicals, preservatives, nasty by-products & fillers that will eventually make your dog sick. I would suggest brands like Solid Gold, Orijen, EVO, Merrick BG, but there are others-consult the internet. Feed your puppy 3-4 small meals at the same time every day (take the day’s worth of food and divide it). A consistent feeding schedule is imperative for potty training and general health reasons. As the puppy ages you will gradually reduce feedings to 2 per day-follow the directions on the label of the food you choose.

  6. I would suggest buying a book on the breed of dog you are getting, which can explain a lot about puppies and their proper care (feeding, playing, bathing, vet visits, etc). The first few days with the puppy will be kind of tough because it’s in a new place. Be gentle and quiet and don’t start any extreme training until later. Don’t get angry if the puppy chews on your shoes or pees in the house because those are just things puppies grow out of. Puppies love to be played with so playtime and walks are great, but make sure he/she also gets a lot of rest. Have fun!

  7. You really should have done the research before you jumped on owning a puppy.and make sure to love him!

  8. Your dog should be bathed once every 1-2 months, and monthly checkups are advised, you should be scheduling vaccinations soon.By Nature Puppy food:

  9. Good so far – try to handle it as little as possible or at least have clean hands or wear thin thin cotton gloves. If you can get some archival-quality mylar envelopes those would be awesome – the plastic won’t discolour the book, ever. Some better comic book shops will probably have some, just ask! Some art-supply stores may also have some. Depending on the paper used to print the book you may need acid-free tissue to help keep the acid used to make the paper originally from destroying the pages. If the pages are very brittle and yellow that may be what is happening.Good Luck with ur knew puppy =)


  11. The best thing for a twelve week old would probably be to feed it wet puppy food instead of hard.f you are house training your pet and he takes leaks over night do net set down water over night, instead put down a bowl of ice I know it sounds weird but it works well.

  12. [/DELDUP][DELDUP()]

  13. Oh, for heavy shedders I also recommend the Furminator brush: for hygiene, if he’s really dirty, then give him a bath. I’ve found that if you fill up the tub with water before you put the puppy in, you’ll save the both of you quite a bit of trouble. use shampoo sparingly, keep it out of his eyes, and try to use a hypoallergenic brand. you can get a finger brush and dog toothpaste for his teeth. if you introduce these things slowly and don’t lose your patience, your dog should do ok with them.

  14. As far as Hygiene goes, dogs will be shedding alot with in the next month, so brush it often, if it is a dog with two coats of fur, I use a vacuum on low very lightly up against his body.

  15. can be whatever…whos gona know..

  16. it is a little more pricey then most brushes but it works AMAZINGLY well. Some people like to brush their dog’s teeth, this is perfectly healthy and much easier to do with flavored tooth paste.

  17. There are also considerations such as is your dog a large breed? There are special formulas for large breeds to support proper growth. Do some research on the internet and you will learn alot about proper nutrition and care. Some good sites to start with are & Good Luck !!

  18. Alot of information you can get at your vets and there are many books and online articles about dog care, just like books on parenting.

  19. Since it is still young you should probably hold of on a choker collar for about 2 weeks, just so it is strong enough to handle it.A 12 week old puppy (3 months) should be on a good quality puppy food. You also need to take the puppy to the vet and get it started on some vaccinations. Finally, go to your local library and check out “Puppies for Dummies” This is a good book for new dog owners.

  20. Make sure you kennel train it, here’s a site on how to care for ur first puppy:

  21. If this dog is a girl it should be spayed soon, if its a male it should be neutered.

  22., try and be as natural as possible. The more that you fuss and cater to him the longer he is going to expect this. In a few days he is going to adapt to the cast better than either one of us would. He will get around and do most of the things that he likes. He may not be able to run around but he can certainly play. Has he been given crutches? If he has he will adapt to them with lightening speed. This will allow him to move around without problems.

  23. IF SOMEONE OFFERS YOU DEACIDIFYING SPRAYS FOR PAPER DO NOT USE IT. THESE PRODUCTS OFTEN DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD WHEN DEALING WITH MATERIALS AS DELICATE AS YOURS.I dirt them often using a mild feather duster and shop them in an enclosed e book cabinet. I even have books from the 1800s and that they are in advantageous shape – basically slightly yellowing on the sting. additionally seem into enclosure luggage for the e book.

  24. You should have researched first…

  25. you should try crate training him. that’s where you buy a travel kennel and your puppy spends time inside it. you should put him in his crate whenever you can’t see what he’s up to or if you can’t pay 100% attention to him. it’s easier to house train your puppy that way. buy a kennel, or crate, that is just big enough for your puppy to turn around in. that way he’ll learn to hold his bladder instead of just peeing and pooping right away whenever the need arises. As long as you don’t leave your puppy inside the crate for days on end, crate training is a good way to ensure your puppy is used to traveling, sleeping in an enclosed space, and knows where to go potty.I even have an Asian container turtle. Her tank setup is somewhat common and he or she’s the least complicated puppy I could desire to maintain up after. container turtles are semi aquatic so confirm the water bowl is vast sufficient for her/him to in good shape into ( 9 in around cake pan) and occasional sufficient for her/him to crawl into. My container turtle hardly relives itself on her bedding yet likes to bypass in her water bowl. I clean her water bowl prevalent and supply her freshwater. She loves loves loves loves meal worms and grapes, yet in basic terms those on my own will supply your turtle the runs. in view that she is wild, pellet nutrients is out of the question. yet some crickets to have hop round her tank, meal worms , in basic terms some, for her nutrients bowl, feeder fish for the water bowl, lettuce, grass…..permit it crawl around exterior of the tank for a million/2 hour or so, supervised for sure, each nighttime. And if it somewhat is excellent and heat exterior, permit it hit upon the backyard, if conceivable. confirm he/she is ingesting sufficient. you do no longer want an underweight turtle. Many well being issues can take place. in case you’re severe approximately holding the turtle, congrats. Take it to the vet to confirm it does not have mites or the different nasty well being issues. And the vet can inform you the turtles gender, too! solid luck, and characteristic relaxing alongside with your new turtle!

  26. Bring you puppy into the vet and they can tell you everything you need to know. Good Luck.

  27. google it or go to your local petstore and find some books about turtles or ask someone that works there.

  28. There are tons of sources online for this question as well as tons of sites to purchase Bonsai tools such as wire and pruning scissors. The simplest answer here would be to pinch off the tips of any new growth with your fingernails until buying the right tools. Technique of shaping the plant comes with having a vision in mind of how you want your tree to look in the future but I always think taking off any growth on the underside of a horizontal branch is preferred. Look at a lot of Bonsai pictures, get a book, and research on the web…..

  29. here’s some more:You can also get archival/museum quality book boxes as wellalso, make sure he’s up to date on all his vaccinations. the last thing you want is a sick puppy. i would also recommend getting flea and tick preventative as well as heartworm preventative. you can buy either of these at a pet store.

  30. whatever year i am i add 10 years to it top get in to stuff

  31. haha im 24 lol

  32. if he’s three months old, he should be eating puppy food. the back of the bag will usually indicate how much he should be eating according to his weight and age in months. it’s up to you how many times a day you should feed him. anywhere from two to four times is acceptable.

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