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How To Take Books Off Kindle

Kindle vs paper books…

I always found that reading a book was a good way to escape from electronics and the glow of computer type screens, just relax from everything and throw it across the room when I’m done. Would you prefer reading from a kindle or regular books?

I can appreciate the convenience of a Kindle if you commute/travel a lot or live somewhere small with not much room for bookshelves, but still like to own your books. But otherwise I think they lack the soul that a paper book has.I’m a book freak. I talk to them. I put markers on my shelves to see how many I’ve read in the last year. I take the books off the shelves that I’ve read in the last year to see how big the stack is. I stop partway through reading to see if I’m a third of the way through yet. I try desperately to cram them into a cupboard and again resolve to go out and buy a new bookcase.I need paper.

How do I delete from a kindle.

How do I delete completely any books from my kindle. I have archived them but I want them off altogether!!

The Archive is just the name of the books you have available from Amazon to download to your Kindle again.It takes up no memory other than a few bytes to list the name and probably an internal link to downloading it.If you absolutely never want to download that book ever again, you can probably log into your Amazon account, find the list of books you’ve purchased, and choose some permanently delete option. That would take it out of your archive on the Kindle. Relationship books free

kindle help please../.

once i am done with books and or games and dont want to keep them anymore, how can i delete them off my kindle? thanks

It depends on which Kindle you have, I think. I have a keyboard, and I can delete them from my device by clicking the right side of the four-way controller once the title is selected, where it will take me to the book’s menu. There’s an option near the bottom that says “remove from this device” and it’ll take it off my kindle. It will still be stored on Amazon, so you can put it back anytime you like.

How do i permentaly delete books off my Kindle/ipod.

I have a ipod with the kindle app on itI want to delete the books i have on it permanently but they just go into archiveIs there a way to permanently delete themThanks so much

The “archive” is on the network servers, so, it’s not taking up any room on your phone.The idea here, is that you bought the book. you own it. Deleting it, would be like throwing it away. The archive function let’s you keep the book without having to store it.

How do I remove my books on my kindle without losing them.

I am low on my internal storage on my kindle so I need to take some books off of my kindle. How do i move the books? I have the first model kindle so I can’t just do anything fancy that the other models may be able to do.

If you bought the ebooks at Amazon then you can always re-download them from Amazon as long as your Kindle device or app is registered to the same account. You can delete them from your Kindle then later if you want that ebook again just download it while on your Kindle, from the Kindle Cloud tab/display (or Archived Items, for old Kindles). Or you can go to the Manage Your Kindle (aka Manage Your Content & Devices) page at where you will find a list of all of your Amazon-purchased Kindle ebooks and each (or a selected group at once) can be “Delivered” to one of yoru registered Kindle devices or apps.Exceptions… A few Kindle ebooks have limits on how many devices the ebook can be on at once (like some e-textbooks only allow one copy at a time).===If you have ebooks on your Kindle that you DID NOT buy at Amazon then it’s up to you to copy those off and store them somewhere. They are NOT in the Kindle Cloud.If you have a Kindle Ereader, the ebooks are probably stored in its Documents folder.If you have a Kindle Fire, there are both Documents and Books efolders and some formats like PDF should be found in Documents and some should be found in Books. These folders may be inside a Kindle folder. The reader should have a setting telling you where the folders are. You’ll have to copy your non-Amazon ebooks over USB to another device to back them up.

how do i download books from the amazon kindle.please suggest me.

How do you download books to the Amazon Kindle

1. If you bought the books from Amazon via the Kindle (so your wireless is on) then you’ll get them sent to you via Whispernet, in about a minute (it never takes more than 20 seconds with my Kindle 2).2. If you bought the books from Amazon but using your computer (wireless is off on your Kindle, or connectivity is too low), then go to Your Account, and click on Manage your Kindle. Scroll down and you’ll see the list of books you’ve ordered. In the left hand side there’s a drop-down box that says “Deliver to…” Click on the arrow and choose “Transfer via computer”. You’ll be prompted to say which device you’re going to use it on. Choose the name of your Kindle. Once the download is complete, move the book to your Kindle just like below:3. If you have unprotected out-of-copyright books from online sites such as Project Gutenberg, then make sure they’re a format that the Kindle can read, and then:- download those to your computer, and then go to the folder where you’ve downloaded them.- Copy to clipboard (Ctrl + C).- Plug the Kindle in your computer using the USB cable.- Go to My Computer. Note the Kindle drive (just like a normal USB drive).- Click on the Kindle drive, see a bunch of folders, open “Documents”.- Paste the book here (Ctrl + V)Eject the Kindle or unplug it. Click Home on your Kindle. In a couple of seconds the screen will refresh and you’ll see your new book.

Can you use your cell phone if you take the WIFI off … or kindle.

i want to get music,or a book on my phone or kindle,but can you do it if you take the wifi off??? how bout a kindle?? can i do that 3g ??? anybody??? helpp!!!

On a kindle you can do it if you bought the kindle with 3G. If you dont know if you did you probably didnt.On your phone you can, but it might bill you or use up your data plan.

how to transfer a book from kindle to amazon account to ipod.

i have my kindle that was registered to my parents account but now i have it registered to my own account but, i dont know how to take the old books off my kindle and put them on to my amazon account so i can download them to my ipod. ugh! someone please help.

I’m sorry that you just can’t transfer a kindle book from an account to another. Amazon just doesn’t allow it. So the best thing you can do will be to login the Kindle app on iPod with another Amazon account to read that book. After finish, then you login back to your own account.Here you can find the details of registering and deregistering on your Kindle app of iPod:…Hope this helps.

i have a kindle. does anyone know how to delete a book off the kindle.

one of the books im trying delete off the kindle is stakeout for love. how can i delete that off my kindle? please help thanks

Not a problem. There are two ways:1. Turn on the Kindle.2. Press the “home” button.3. Move the cursor down to the book you wish to delete, so that the title is highlighted.4. While the book is still highlighted, move the cursor to the left. The delete button will appear.5. Press down on the cursor. You will be asked if you are sure.6. Click yes.or1. Turn on the Kindle.2. Press the “home” button.3. Move the cursor down to the book you wish to delete, so that the title is highlighted.4. While the book is still highlighted, move the cursor to the right. You will be taken to a new screen.5. Select “Delete This Document”

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15 thoughts on “How To Take Books Off Kindle

  1. Kindle man I get too many paper cutz -_-

  2. You need some additional detail in your question. If you are purchasing a book from amazon kindle store, you need to log into amazon, have or establish an account, purchase and select download to kindle. Or also while connected by wifi or 3G shop kindle store from your kindle. If you mean to transfer items by wire, check out the q & a on amazon’s website.

  3. While the Kindle is full of conveniant things (it’s travel-friendly size and other features) there is nothing like turning the pages and smelling them. It’s kind of an incomparable experiance 🙂

  4. Gotta love the smell of an old musty book with yellowed pages.

  5. but, I hate scrambling to find bookmarks if i need to stop reading, i hate taking multiple books on trips or to the pool (or anywhere really), and i don’t always have time to make it to the bookstore…and those reasons are exactly why i love my kindle…i don’t need a bookmark, i can take multiple books anywhere but it doesn’t take up much space, i don’t have to go to the bookstore to buy books, and it doesn’t glare or glow like a computer screen…it’s just like reading a page from a book.

  6. I’m not really sure about what youre asking, but yes you should be. Your phone would then use its 4G, 3G or 2G network. If its a kindle that is 3G enabled, then it will use a 3G network. Keep in mind that the Kindle Fire has no 3G connectivity.

  7. i want a Kindle so undesirable for Christmas. Will you tell my husband for me? sorry won’t be in a position that may additionally assist you i’ve got not got one yet 🙁 can i borrow yours? Promise i will return it **shifty eyes**

  8. They are off altogether, anything which is archived is not o the Kindle but is stored on an archive area on Amazon. It’s kept so that once you have bought it you an get it back if you want to read it again.

  9. [DELDUP()]The kindle doesn’t have the “glow of computer type screens” (you need a light just to see it). To me i see no difference between the two options. I enjoy a kindle though because books tend to be cheaper on amazons website and it doesn’t use up a lot of paper which helps the environment.

  10. Paper book for sure!! Nothing can replace the feel of an book on your hand!!

  11. You can delete them from the Kindle but that simply moves them to the archive as you may know. To remove from there go to your Kindle Account on Amazon. Click manage my account and you will see all the books you have either on the Kindle or archived. If you click to the right of the title it gives you options including remove completely.

  12. that’s why i’ve fallen in love with the kindle

  13. I love the smell and feel of a good paperback book, I love how I can just toss it around (gently of course) and just get away from my computer screen for awhile

  14. [/DELDUP]

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