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How Many Books Can You Check Out At The Library

How many pages does the book The Upstairs Room have by Johanna Reiss.

I read the book The Upstairs Room and I took it back to te library but I didn’t check how man pages it has. Can you tell me how many pages it has or at least tell me where to find out how many pages it has?

There are 196 pages in the book, The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss.I have the same book in my room but I didn’t feel like running down the hall to go look at it. So I went online. You have a few options to find it. You can go online to and type in the name of the book and/or author to find the book you can click on it and it should tell you how many pages. Or you could call up a bookstore and ask. Ask a friend you know who has it. Or search online.Here are the sites that I found helpful:…You can hit the back cover button and go back a few pages-well two and you can find at the bottom of the page there is the page number and it is done.On this book on Borders it said there were 208 pages and I think that it is because they included the author’s notes and about the author and everyone else. I hope that this helps.Oh and here is the site:…Hope this helped. Good luck and it is a great book!!

are you willing to have the government keeping a list of books you check out at the library.

For what it’s worth, most library systems only keep a record of what books you currently have checked out. After you’ve returned your book, the system doesn’t remember that you checked out, and the librarians don’t care. We don’t keep that information precisely because we want to protect your privacy: when the feds come calling we can’t tell them what we don’t know.There’s a pretty big exception to that, though. Many library users actually want us to keep a record of the things they have checked out, and most library systems have a “My Library” feature that will let you opt into a reading list feature. After a user opts in, the system keeps a record of of the user’s checkouts. The authorities would still need a search warrant or a National Security Letter, but if they had that, then yeah we’d turn it over — we wouldn’t have choice.Personally, I find it pretty disturbing how many people just shrug this off when I explain this. You couldn’t get me to opt in for love or money. And I’m responsible for making sure it works.

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About the brooklyn public library- does anyone know how many books I can check out at one time.

I searched it up, asked a librarian online chat system, and I just want to know if I can get around 20 books at a time. Did anyone actually checked out 20 or more items before? I heard 99 items but I just want to confirm!! I have a whole list of books that I would like to read, just so that I would do myhomework…

I think the limit is thirty books at once, but I’m not positive. Phone Telephone Reference at the Central Library at Grand Army Plaza, tomorrow morning (I think they start at 9am on Saturdays, 10 at the latest) – 718-230-2100 – telephone reference is #5 if you don’t want to listen to the entire menu.

How many books can i check out at the Johnson County Library in Kansas.

Is there a limit to how many books you can check out at the Johnson County Library (Kansas)

Ask the Librarian. >.<

How many books do you usually check out at the library and how do you read them all.

I checked out four books today at the library and they are ll due back by the 22 second is it possible for me to read all 8 hundred pages or should I think about lowering how many books I checked out

I check out ten books every week. I read really fast though, so I’ve never had a problem finishing them within the week.If you can’t finish the ones you’ve checked out by their due date, you can always renew them.

How many books can you borrow at the library.

I’m just wondering.

It differs by library. At my local library, I can check out 30 items at one time.

how many books can you check out of the library at one time..

I know, stupid question!! I just wanted to know how many books your library allows you to take at one time?? Also how many books at a time do you barrow from the library (like a personal limit)? I just wanted to ask! I’m not sure how many books my library allows us to barrow, so tell me yours and how many you…

I live in Philly, so we’re home to the first American free library. We can check out any number we want. I tend t go with one at a time. It gives me a good excuse for a walk. (The branch I like has a beautiful garden outside, so I like to relax in there too. I’m not from Philly originally, so I miss things like grass and trees. I can truly unwind in their garden.)

How many books can you check out at the library at one time.

Silly question. I’ve always bought my books but need to cut down on spending.So, how many books, does your library, allow you to check out at once? I’m asking for adult type books, not kids.

As many as you can read before the return date.

How many book can i check out at the library.

Ok so I reached my limit on putting holds on books which is 30, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to check out 30 books. If I can put a hold on 30 books I should be able to check out 30 books, right? It doesn’t say anything about it on their website so if you guys could help me out that would be great! 🙂

It probably depends on the library. Just ask when you go to pick up your books, or send an email through the website – if you can. My library lets us check out 99 books at a time – that’s how high the software they use goes. 😉

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33 thoughts on “How Many Books Can You Check Out At The Library

  1. As many as i like

  2. Not really, but the library does so they can just give that info to the government. But you can always use some else’s library card or have them check the book out for you.

  3. It is pretty much as many as you feel necessary, or however many you feel you can read in the time that you have before they’re due. You can always renew them though, which gives you more time to read them, or one, if you haven’t finished by the time it’s due.

  4. If you`re talking School Library – well , you can only borrow 3 books. I`m not sure in your school because i`m still in grade 7 and we`re allowed to borrow 3 books in my school .

  5. For the best answers, search on this site

  6. The most adults can check out here is five, the most kids can get is ten.

  7. Why is that weird? It’s been happening for over 2000 years now. “The Dead Sea Scrolls” were really just a bunch of parchments (what stuff was written on before bound books) from the times before Christ from a library. (They were probably stored in those caves to protect them from some disaster in the city at the time, but whatever happened, the librarians never went back to get their books again and that city disappeared.) Yes, really really free (unless you don’t bring them back before they’re due), AND even better stuff than Divergents. You got to check it out. I’m finding great books no one ever talks about anymore, but they’re just sitting there on their shelves practically screaming at me, “Lynn, take me home. You’ll love this story.” They’re not lying. I’m almost done “The Giver” now. Subtle story, but it got me. It’s what I like. lol Added bonus, if you live in a fairly large community, there’s a good chance your library also borrows books from other libraries (and vice versa), so, simply because they’re not there at that moment, doesn’t mean you can’t borrow for free. (Reserve them and they come.) Two out of the last three books I’ve borrowed were from other libraries, who did that with my library. Consider it “that really huge personal library that doesn’t fit into my house, but I can still use it for free.” No painting, no dusting, and even no need to put the books back when you’re done with them. (You have to put it back in the Returns, not on the shelf itself.) It’s also a media center, where you can borrow DVDs, audios, and ebooks for free and even go online for free. AND, if you’re very lucky, occasionally you can borrow a painting to hang on your wall for a few weeks. (We used to do that when we were first married, because we got bored easily looking at the same painting.) Library–much more than you can imagine and all for a simple (and free) card!

  8. Not that I use a library, but if i did then probably yes.

  9. Here it’s 100.

  10. But it does depend what it will be used for; statistics & charts etc. anonymously would be okay, but if it was not confidential then my opinion would probably change.

  11. Hope this helps! 🙂

  12. It all depends on much time you put towards reading every day. It is possible to read that much, but it takes alot of commitment. If you don’t finish them all in time then return the ones that you finished and renew the other ones!

  13. As many as you want for my library! If you’re doing a research project, I can get up to 20…but normally about 2-4 depending on how long the books are!

  14. I take out at least five books at a time, because I don’t go to the library as much anymore (I go to the one in my hometown, and I’m at college now), but when I do go, I browse like a maniac. I don’t always finish all of them, but the times when I do, it’s just because I take a book and don’t stop reading. This usually takes a couple of hours over a span of a few days.

  15. I don’t care to be honest- anything to make the world a safer place. Besides, they’re only interested in people that are borrowing particular books. I’m sure they are not interested to find out how many of us are borrowing erotic literature to get us through the night.

  16. It differs by libraries. At my library, I can put 25 items on hold but check out 50. So the best thing to do is call them and ask.

  17. In libraries like REAL ones . You can borrow as much books as you want . You can even borrow DVDs and stuff. 🙂

  18. I usually get a total of three books if I ever visit the library, which is rare considering that I have a personal one. But I may be able to get more, I just haven’t ever asked.

  19. If you don’t have to rush through the books for a school assignment, and you don’t want to sit down for hours and hours to read (and usually people have a good idea of how fast they can read), then I’d say to definitely lower the number of books you check out. That way, you can take more time to get through just one or two books instead of rushing.

  20. BUT if you`re in high school , maybe you can borrow like 20 or 10 books. – that`s what my bestfriend`s sister in high school told me . Or if you`re not sure…just ask the librarian or a teacher.1. Why do people wait until the last minute to do their homework? 2. Why do people waste their time in school when they aren’t going to do the work? Does this make them purposely stupid? 3. Why do people assume answers on Yahoo answers are correct? I have seen some blatently false answers picked as best. Consider the source. 4. Why do people answer questions that are so obviously homework? Do we really want a generation of idiots coming up behind us?

  21. My library allowed me to reserve up to ten books, I always reached my limit and they got a bit annoyed because I was clogging up their online system [colours]. In person, taking out books from the library in one go it was I think five books at a time. I couldn’t really carry or read more than that in one go anyway.

  22. Here it’s unlimited. Just return them before to due date and you won’t have a fine.

  23. Well, if you are like me, it is sooo hard to pick out just one book. I love to read, so have to look at all of them. I generally check out 3 or 4, just in case I don’t like one of them. I think you are probably okay, because if you don’t finish them, you probably can renew them for a longer period. Try not to rush through the book, just because it is due, as then you miss out on the enjoyment of reading. Read On!!

  24. There are 208 pages in the book.

  25. i dont think so, i now buy all my books, but when i was younger i used to go to the library all the time, i’ve always mowed thru books as i love reading & can read fast, still do! Anyways, i would check out anywhere from 3-6 books at a time, i would pretty much read all of them at the same time, sometimes if there was a book or two that was short (like paperbacks or just shorter books) i would get those out of the way & read them first, then i’d read the longer books next, but yeah, if u can, read them all at the same time, its not too bad, although sometimes u might get a bit mixed up with the stories, but if u read a bit of each every day, you shouldn’t have that problem, good luck & enjoy urself! 😉

  26. 100 at San Jose library

  27. It does differ from school and city. At my middle school, I can check out 3 books and at my public library I can check out and unlimited amount.

  28. It varies from library to library. I have one that only allows 3 checked out and another that allows unlimited numbers to be checked out. Call them up and ask.

  29. in my hometown there is no limit of how many you can take out at once as long as you dont piss on them

  30. Can’t imagine why the government would want that information, but the library has it anyway, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to get it. In fact, with the new self-check system, the information is already on a computer somewhere.

  31. :’)

  32. I hope this helps!

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