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Minecraft How To Make Books

What programs would help me learn how to make mods for Minecraft.

I really want to start making Minecraft mods, but I have no idea how to code and all that jazz. I was wondering, how could I learn? What programs/books would help me learn?

look on the dev section of bukkit

how to code in minecraft ONLY.

Hey guys so i now know what coding is, but how do i do it? And please only relate to minecraft and not other games

Coding is the process by which instructions are created and passed into a compiler which translates it (perhaps not directly) into machine code, the set of 1’s and 0’s by which a computer actually does work.To learn how to code, you need to first pick a language (Assembly, C, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.) and then you must find a program that will run this code (a compiler, an interpreter, an assembler, etc.) After that, it is simply a matter of cracking open a tutorial or a text book and going at it.Coding can be used to make games, such as minecraft which is written in java, but coding can also be used to write far more complicated programs such as weather simulations, or to emulate learning such as in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It really depends on what you want to do with your code. How to get free books

how to install minecraft mods.

i JUST started playing mineraft and i looked everywhere and tried like 3 diffrent types of downloading but i can’t get it!! my comp is a windows 7 and im on minecraft 1.7.3!! i need HELP. something step by step and dumbed down preferably as simple as possable

How to install mods:1. Download WinRAR, WinZIP, or 7Zip. (search for them in google)2. Download Risugami’s “Mod Loader”, found here Download the desired mod.4. Open the Start menu on your desktop. In the search bar type in %appdata%. A folder should be displayed, titled “Roaming” When the correct folder shows up on the display, open it (At this point you may want to back up your “.minecraft” folder by selecting, right-clicking on and then selecting the “Add to Archive” option [I use WinRAR]). After that one is open, open the “.minecraft” folder.5. Once the “.minecraft” folder is open, select and open the “bin” folder.6. Once this is open, you’ll find your “minecraft.jar” files. Here I usually find two, “minecraft.jar” and “minecraft-1.7.3.jar”. The file you want to use is the “minecraft.jar”. Right-click it and open it with WinRAR.7. Once here, locate and delete the “META-INF”, AND ONLY THIS FOLDER.8. Next open the “ModLoader” and the desired mod in WinRAR.9. Copy all “.class” files over from the open “ModLoader” in WinRAR, to the open “.minecraft” file in the seperate WinRAR window.10. Repeat step number 9, for the desired mod that you opened in WinRAR.11. Close all windows, open your minecraft launcher and see if the mod has been properly installed.If the mod hasn’t been properly installed and causes issues with your game, then erase the “.minecraft” file you tampered with and extract the back-up you made. Re-open your minecraft launcher and force it to update itself. This will allow it to re-download all necessary files. After you can try again. Also I am not responsible for any damages to the game or computer that occur during the installation process.Best of luck my friend. If you need anything else find me on my youtube channel at’ll take questions and such there.Enjoy.

How to get over a tragic book…

I read the saddest book ever – Hostage 3, The girl fell in love with her captor (she was taken hostage) and they spent to much time together and it was adorable! Xx But at the very end they had a fake ending were they lived together all happily (they run away) but then it said the real ending was- He got blown up…

1) Cry, it makes you feel a lot more better. :D2) Read a new book/start a new book.3) Think of an alternate ending. What if he did survive? I know he died but just try to think that he’s alive and that the girl an he are happy.4) Read a book with a happy ending. I recommend going on Wattpad to find some great free stories!5) Watch funny videos on YouTube. Nigahiga is a great YouTube channel to watch!6) Play a video game (Minecraft is really good, it stretches your creativity) or watch TV.7) Hang out with a friend. :)8) If you have a dog, cry into his fur and let him lick you. Dogs really are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend.9) Do something that you enjoy. :)10) Eat or drink something delicious…mmm…organic milk…*mouth starts to water*.*Coughs awkwardly*That’s all I have for now, I hope you feel better! 😀

How do I make another page on the book and quill of minecraft 1.3.1.

I made a multiplayer book store and, I need to know how I can make another page on the book and quillPLEASE HELP ME

There’s an arrow on the bottom-right corner of the page.A fun way to write a book in minecraft is make a MC diary- So you can have the steps of survival recorded! (If you wanted to start writing at day 1, you would need something like Too Many Items)

How to make the wire binding in spiral notebooks.

I want to make a spiral notebook by myself but I don’t know how to make the wire binding. Please help!

You can unscrew one from an existing notebook, or buy one from Kinko’s/etc, or you can make your own by wrapping wire around a dowel or other rigid rod or tube of the right size.The wire you use will make a difference though because wires can be softer or more rigid, as well as different thicknesses, materials, and colors. Not sure exactly which kind of wire would be the right rigidity for your purpose or the right size though. Maybe some of these will give suggestions:……(Often, making the holes is more difficult than making things like wire coils, etc.)If you’re interested, there are zillions of ways to make your own notebooks, and make bindings of various kinds, etc:……and make your own notepads: (click on “Notepads–Make Your Own”).

How can I learn how to make minecraft plugins.

I know that you need to know javacript and all, but i have no idea what all those symbols mean, like, “==, +=, else if() public void, BlockListener,” and so on.I don’t know how to read javascript, but i understand how it works, like i know what to fill in between the () sometimes. But i don’t…

Dude. Minecraft is NOT programmed in JavaScript and you don’t need to know ANYTHING about JavaScript to program anything having to do with Minecraft. Minecraft is programmed in Java, which is different in just about every way.Just read lots of books about Java. It’s a really hard language to learn.

How do you make a map. (Minecraft PE).

When I made paper it said ‘used to makeBook shelves and maps’ well how do you make a map?Also; is there anything to do with wheat *besides* making the soup with it?MINECRAFT POCKET EDITIONthanks in advance (:

To make paper; get as many sugar canes as you can and craft them into paper.To make the compass; get several iron ingots and redstone; combine.Combine the compass and the paper and you will get a map.To make a bookshelf you need paper and wooden planks.And you can make bread with wheat.

can i make minecraft work on netbook.

Is there any way to make minecraft work on a net book, if so how!

You can! Make a notepad file, and paste this exactly: java -Xms650m -jar “C:\Documents and Settings\(YOUR PROFILE NAME GOES HERE)\Application Data\.minecraft\minecraft.jar” Make sure you put the profile name where I said, without the brackets. Enter your user name there, save in notepad as a .bat file. Then use that file to run minecraft! Just make sure you already have the stuff in the .minecraft folder, like the bin folder and what not. Enjoy.

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  1. Finally, it’s time to test your mod out! Run Minecraft. If you did everything right, then great! If you get the Minecraft crash screen, you probably didn’t install the mod correctly, or, if you have more than one mod installed, you have incompatible mods. Refresh Minecraft, and install the mods again: if this problem still persists, look on the mod page for a list of incompatible mods, and instructions on how to fix them. Refresh Minecraft again and try installing the mods in a different order until you get it right. If you get a black screen, make sure you deleted the META-INF folder.

  2. I just pick myself up and move on to the next book. I love sad books, even though they make my heart hurt 🙂

  3. Now, open up the zip folder of the mod you wanted to install. If one of the prerequisite mods was not Minecraft Forge (more on this later), installation is again copying all the files from the mod folder into your minecraft.jar. If the mod requires Minecraft Forge, installation is even easier. Just copy the entire mod .zip folder (the one you likely downloaded) into a folder called “mods” in your .minecraft folder, not the bin folder. If it doesn’t yet exist, just create the mods folder.

  4. Most, if not all of the mods are client-side mods, meaning single-player only. Learning how to install Single Player mods will help in installing Multiplayer mods (below).

  5. You may find something usefull here .

  6. Look up Java tutorials.

  7. If you are looking for a free download of Minecraft you can check here:

  8. Make Over 200 Juicy, Mouth-Watering Paleo Recipes You’ve NEVER Seen or Tasted Before?

  9. [DELDUP()]

  10. it’s a perfectly working link, no scam!

  11. To make a compass you need red stone and iron

  12. You’re done! Have fun!

  13. Next, you need to install the mod. This will be listed in a 3 step process:

  14. Good Bye

  15. Some mods need other mods or programs in order to work, such as ModLoader. This is why it is best to keep the mod page open, because the installation instructions are listed. Download any and all of these mods, and open them in your zip program. In general, prerequisite mods are installed by copying all the files they contain into the minecraft.jar. After doing this, make sure to delete the META-INF folder in your minecraft.jar. This folder, in effect, prevents all mods from being installed.

  16. mabye in the next update you could make maps

  17. If you haven’t already, locate your .minecraft file. For Windows 7/8, this is found in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft; for Linux, this is found in your home folder; for all Macs, go to Library, Application Support, minecraft. Go to the versions folder in .minecraft, open the folder with the current version, and open the .jar file with the version name with WinRAR, 7zip or some other program akin to that.

  18. i be conscious of a thank you to software in Java. yet i don’t be conscious of a thank you to jot down Minecraft mods, and that i think it fairly is a nontrivial problem. in case you learn programming, you learn from the backside up. which potential beginning with stuff like including 2 integers mutually, printing a message to the reveal screen assorted circumstances, and different fairly trouble-free issues like that. you do no longer basically leap immediately in and initiate making Minecraft mods without previous adventure. no one does. besides, in case you choose to get the main out of gaining expertise of programming, then do no longer do it for a unmarried very particular objective. Do it because of the fact even frequently you savour development logical structures that do issues for you immediately. Or, in case you do no longer savour that, then are not getting into programming interior the 1st place.

  19. You can make bread with wheat. You make books with paper, make a bookshelf with books and wood planks, and you can’t make maps in minecraft PE because you need ink from squids which aren’t in PE.

  20. Hi there,

  21. First, you need to download the mod itself. Go to the webpage with the mod on it, and find the link which leads to the download. If you can’t find this, the mod is probably discontinued: you cannot use this mod anymore. Now, download the mod. For future reference it is better to keep the mod’s description page open, so right click on the download link and click “open in new tab”.You will need several paper and a compass

  22. I would reccomend installing forge. The only downside is that you have to install the latest version if you want to do mods on the latest minecraft version. But it is extremely easy to use. All you need to do to use a mod is go to start then type %appdata% then put the mod in the mods folder. Then when you play minecraft play on your forge version.

  23. You can’t actually make maps yet.

  24. if your netbook has a dedicated graphics card or graphics controller that mine craft can read then yes it can

  25. [/DELDUP]The publication and quill are in variant 1.5 which hasnt arrived but however i will still tell u tips on how to make it. This diagram is in the crafting table form. X=empty s=ink sac f=feather b=ebook xxx sxx fbx

  26. Minecraft Pe Book

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